Focus in the Direction You Want to Go!


It’s all about focus. It’s so easy to fall into the rabbit hole of negative thinking. Sometimes my brain feels like a pinball machine. That silver ball always drop drop dropping and whack whack whack. There are some techniques I’ve learned from various positive thinkers – motivational coaches. I think my favorite right now is one from Christie Marie Sheldon. She has a little phrase, “what would it take?’ that you say before something you want.  “What would it take to book this commercial?” “What would it take to have this situation resolve in a way that works for everyone involved.”

The idea is that with that phrase you are giving it over to the universe. That works for me. What I appreciate is that it gives your brain something to do. You are redirecting your thoughts with the easy plug in.

Try it. What is your “What would it take?” today?

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