I've always been pretty obsessed with what makes people tick.  What make them happy, fulfilled,  - their best.  What makes one person plow through a dilemma, look at the bright side and move on to the next thing without losing their way or their positive attitude?  

What is that?  I want that!

But I didn't know how to get there.  I always thought everyone knew something I didn't or maybe they were just better people and God liked them more.  

I kid.  Kind of.  No - totally.  Totally kidding.

So I struggled for years - knowing that its all in you attitude, as Ellie says in Contact, "I've always thought the world is what you make of it."  But I still managed to be unhappy.  To think if I only just got the next job, or a great husband, a couple of kids, published my book, got a sit com - I'd be happy.  

But now I've learned you've got to do the work.  Not that the work can't be fun - thus THE DAILY GUMBALL!  But you gotta do it.  

So here I am - doing it in front of very one because I think it is important.  If we are so inspired by our heroes - don't you think we owe it to ourselves and everyone else to BE a hero?  

Check out my Daily Gumball Philosophy

I mean really - somebody's got to do it so get to work!




BIO:  Where you looking for a more traditional bio?  Well here you go - I was born in Silver Spring, Maryland the I grew up in a house in the burbs with a blue door.  I always wanted to be an actress and do commercials.  No seriously - my Mom says that as soon as I could talk and had teeth I would climb up on the bathroom counter and do toothpaste commercials.

So I went to college so I would have a back up plan - and got a degree in history - jokes on them! and moved to New York to act, then moved to Los Angeles then did some commercials (woo hoo!) then got cancer (boo hoo) and now here I am.  Glad you are here too.

I wrote a fabulous book about the cancer called, "If Laughter is the Best Medicine, then What's with the Chemo?" and a smaller anthology of essays called "The Legend of the Lost Nipple and Other True Tales of Living with Cancer."